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Wayne Finger Lakes Cross Country

2017 Season

9.11.2017 update

Please send results and scores to Paul Pfeiffer by Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. Here is the scoring sheet.

Make sure you have a payment voucher for your official. Here are the officials' assignments.

Please discuss rules of the road with your XC runners. Some ideas for you:

Avoid busy roads; use other routes if possible

Avoid unnecessary hazards or risks (ditches, cliffs, potholes)

Run on the shoulder of the road against traffic or the side of the road with the best visibility or less risk

Look both ways when you cross a road

Keep your eyes ahead for hazards

Be aware of your surroundings

Ear buds = no

Run single file with a partner

Carry ID or cell phone

Let coach know where you are running; donít go off the route coach tells you to go

Report back to coach from your run

Wave to cars, put your hand up so they see you or acknowledge you

Wear bright colored clothes

Run when there is enough daylight

Stop running if you are lost, confused, or there is a hazard ahead

Run when it is not too hot or too cold


8.30.2017 update

Please review the coaches' preseason meeting minutes for important updates and reminders.

As the WFL League we are volunteering at the state meet to move athletic gear from the starting line to the finish tent. Please let Paul Pfeiffer know if you or your team will help. We have 8 races and need maybe 2 shifts of 10 helpers.

Photos by Kris King and other contributors. SEE MORE

League Schools


  • Wayne 554
  • Geneva 505
  • Newark 467
  • Pal Mac 415
  • Midlakes 380
  • Waterloo 378
  • Penn Yan 357
  • St. Mary's (Travels with Midlakes)
  • St. Mary's (Mods Only)


  • Mynderse 296
  • Marcus Whitman 271
  • NRW 262  BOYS INC
  • Sodus 246
  • Gananda 248 (with Wayne)  1B
  • Williamson 245
  • E Rochester 228 GIRLS INC
  • Red Creek 217


  • Lyons Clyde-Sav 185/169-216.8
  • Red Jacket 205
  • Bloomfield 194
  • Marion 179 GIRLS INC
  • HAC 136/120 - 160
  • Honeoye 144
  • Romulus 99 B+G INC

* in order according to 17/18 BEDS enrollment

Wayne Finger Lakes Track & Field and Cross Country